Our Company specializes in transportation of LTLs and FTLs. We also have a license to transport a wide variety of wastes and all other important licenses for international transport.

 How do we process your orders?

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Time is money. This is why we do our best to process your orders as fast as possible. After we receive your order, we begin to process it on the spot.

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All goods are carried by our modern fleet which is driven by highly qualified and experienced drivers. Safety of goods during their transportation is extremely important for us, that is why we pay strong attention to the way the goods are secured on the truck, and we use all necessary equipment to make the transportation the safest possible.

Transport process

We use modern GPS systems. Whenever our clients need information on their goods transportation progress, we are happy to give them up-to-date information they require. Professionalism and transparency - this is what we emphasise.

All our drivers work according to the law. As a result, they are rested, fresh and aware of what is happening on the road. And because of that, safety on the road and safety of the goods are guarranteed.

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GPS trucking

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